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Accept members payments direct into your PayPal account
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Accept member payments directly into your PayPal account Instant-Payment Zone

  1. Links Facility booking and Event booking services to your Collect member payments via PayPal account for payment direct to your account
  2. Instant-Payment Zone accepts requests for payment from Facility-Booking Zone and Event-Booking Zone.
  3. Use Instant-Payment Zone to accept payment via PayPal for all the major credit / debit cards
  4. Speed link your events and automatically link them to your Collect member payments via PayPal account for payment by all the major credit and debit cards
  5. Significantly reduce your administration while at the same time simplify the payment collection process.
  6. Prepaid vouchers can also be used to further simplify and speed members through the booking and payment processes.

Instant-Payment Zone
One-off Setup £POA
Renewal £POA

Prices subject to VAT 20%

* Excludes merchant fees
PRODUCT highlights
  1. Create your events and automatically link them to the payment system in real time
  2. Helps to significantly reduce your administration processes
  3. Helps to ensure you collect all your fees upfront at the time of booking
  4. Process payments as either vouchers and card payments 
  5. Use prepaid vouchers to provide 3/4/2 or BOGOF promotion incentives
  6. Changes to event or facility booking fees are automatically reflected in the checkout processes
  7. Centralise payments accross multiple locations direct to your own PayPal account
  8. Speed link event bookings to payment collection process

FREQUENTLY asked questions
    Q. Will I be charged when I sign up for an account?
    A. Yes. When you sign up for your new Payment-Zone account you will be charged the setup fee.

    Q. Will we be able to take bookings even from people who cannot get to an internet connected PC?
    A. Yes. Your members will be able to make bookings by calling our office number between the hours of 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

    Q. What if I'm not happy with Payment-Zone are we tied into a contract?
    A. We think you will like Payment-Zone or any of the Zones for that matter, however in the unlikely event that you don't then you can cancel your contract at any time! All we ask is that you tell us why.

    Q. Will I be charged both booking and transaction fees?
    A. No we no longer charge booking fees but you may well be charged a merchant transaction fee so check with Collect member payments via PayPal for their current fees.

    Q. Will the system send out booking and payment confirmation emails?
    A. Yes, every time a booking occurs email confirmations are sent to the client and the In-Zone account holder. Collect member payments via PayPal also send out payment confirmation emails of their own.

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