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The Complete Range of Online Squash Court Booking Software Systems

Squash Court Booking Software Systems
  1. The Squash Court Booking Software System guarantees court bookings to the last minute increasing booking availability and court revenue.

  2. Give your members what they want at their convenience.

  3. Accept their squash court bookings online from anywhere in the world.

  4. Advance court bookings can be accepted for whatever period you require, whether it be one or two days or two to three months. You simply tell the system how many days in advance you want to accept bookings and the systems does the rest!

  5. They see what you see - up-to-the minute and current squash court availability.

  6. All Bookings and Cancellations automatically generate an e-mail confirming the day and time the court has been booked.

  7. 24 hours a day 365 days a year online court booking & management facilities.
See online court booking systems in action...

See the squash court booking software system and snooker table booking software system in action for all 3 squash courts and 2 snooker tables at Kiln Farm Squash Club Website

See the squash court booking and snooker table booking software systems in action for all 3 squash courts at Market Harborough Squash Club Website

See the squash court booking and tennis court booking software systems in action for all 3 Squash and 4 Tennis courts at Falmouth Squash and Tennis Club Website

Learn more about Squash Court Booking Software Systems
Membership Management System
  1. In-Zone has extensive features to help promote and manage your facilities, all online via a standard browser.

  2. Most services will run within a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, and require no software installation.

  3. Allow only paid up members to book your squash courts, tennis courts or other facilities because the booking system is automatically linked to your in-zone membership database.

  4. Lapsed & non-members are prevented from booking your facilities until they renew their membership.

  5. In-Zone can be linked to payment gateways such as PayPal or WorldPay so that your members can make secure payments at the time of booking, membership application or renewal thereby helping to further reduce membership administration and help to eliminate queues at the booking desk at your busiest times. (Some services require a merchant account).

Membership Management System

FREE SQUASH LEAGUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Instant FREE Setup & Registration Bolts straight into your existing website Your Squash league players will love it! click here to setup your leagues now for FREE...

Squash League Management System
Squash League Management System
  1. Create your own online squash leagues eg Mens, Ladies, Juniors etc.

  2. Create your own scoring and points allocation system.

  3. Players update the system with their match results

  4. Squash players keep their own details current and up-to-date

  5. League History Automatically recorded. With each new squash league the system automatically maintains a record of the previous squash leagues to create an ongoing squash league history.

  6. Links to the membership management module allow you to create members, issue passwords and even allow your members to update their own details which further reduces your workload!

    The Squash League Management System is a FREE module so why not give it a go and try it for yourself.

    At the Promo code screen simply enter the code ML2 or click here to start the setup process.

    Get it FREE...
Squash League Management System
Email campaign Manager
Ever wanted to send a nice graphical HTML email to a group of friends, squash league players, prospects or newsgroup? Well now you can!

With the email campaign manager you can create your own email:
  1. upload a contact list containing your list of recipients
  2. send your email to your squash league players
  3. easily edit your own email text message
  4. insert images to compliment your message
  5. link your email to a response form
  6. Test your email for correctness and then send it

With the email campaign manager you can gain understanding of:
  1. how many emails were opened
  2. who openned their emails
  3. who clicked through to the website or response form
  4. how many emails were sent
  5. how many emails were opened multiple times
  6. who unsubscribed
  7. automatically manages unsubscribers

Email campaign manager links to other In-Zone systems:
  1. Link to Event Zone Manager and generate awarness for forthcoming events such as product promotions, seminars, ticket sales etc.
  2. Send emails to your squash league members
  3. Send emails to your squash league members with the links to the new squash league

Email campaign Manager
Facility Management System
  1. Put your facilities on-line. In-Zone is the complete solution for any Club wanting to allow their facilities to be booked over the Internet be they Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis etc.

  2. Use your control panel to create and customise each facility type to the look of your existing website allowing your members and guests to book facilities such as squash courts, dinner tables etc 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  3. You are in control. Via your control panel you always have full control over what facilities are available, who books them and how far in advance they can be booked.

  4. Create whatever facilities you want. (Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Computer Terminals or something of your choice).

  5. Easy Setup No Software to install and no hassle.

Facility Booking Management System
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