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RUNNING a Squash League - League Rules
1.Points are awarded as follows:

3-0 score as 6 points to the winner and 1 point to the loser
3-1 score as 5 points to the winner and 2 points to the loser
3-2 score as 4 points to the winner and 3 points to the loser
3 points will be added to the total score if you have played all your games in your division.
Where players are unable to complete a match please add 1 point to the score in matches e.g. 2-2 would score 3 points to each player.

2. It is the responsibility of all players to contact the other players in their division and to play all their games.

3. If you offer your opponent courts on 2 separate occasions and they are refused, without being offered two suitable alternatives, score as 5 points and no points.

4. If your opponent fails to turn up and a court has been booked, score as 5 points and no points.

5. If a player in your division is injured or drops out during the month, score as 5 points and no points. (all existing scores should be changed to this score).

6. Any player who does not play any games for 2 months, will be removed from the leagues.

7. It is the responsibility of the winner of a match to write the score up on the leagues table or post the result on-line.

8. The Sports Centre reserves the right to change and add to the rules. The Sports Centre’s decision will be final on any disputes.

New players or existing players wishing to rejoin the leagues

New players may join the leagues at the start of any month. However they may need to seek an assessment from the League organiser or challenge an existing player in any division, if it is not clear what standard they are.

Existing players wishing to rejoin the leagues after a break, will be seeded based approximately on their past ranking in the leagues, or may challenge another player, or may seek a fresh assessment from the squash league organiser. They will only be allowed to rejoin at the start of the coming league.

Both categories MUST contact the league organiser at least 7 days prior to the start of the new league.
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